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The Expanded polystyrene (EPS), thanks to its versatility, simplicity of molding, and its excellent characteristics of impact absorption and thermal isolation, is used in other fields:

Agriculture                                                           Advantages of EPS

                               Seed Tray
Plants sown in EPS find all their growing and developing requirements fulfilled. That is why EPS is the perfect choice for seedbeds.

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                               Canals and Communicating Vessels for hydroponic growing
Hydroponic growing is probably the best choice for high productivity agriculture with small land available. Expanded polystyrene is used as a support for this type of growing and, due to its characteristics, it offers the best and greatest benefits.
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                               Special products for agriculture
EPS is also used to elaborate other special products in agriculture like protecting trays for the transport of plants, or special plaques for the installation of heaters in greenhouses.

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