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Patented construction system to create light concrete waffle slabs pouring the concrete on site, based in elements that form the beam layout and the shuttering for the concrete placement to form the ribs, it is composed by EPS waffle pods and a mixed EPS and concrete sheet. RETIBLOCK_SI is conceived to reduce the weight of reinforced concrete slabs and optimize the quantity of steel needed and it is especially recommended for buildings dedicated to services sector such as parking lots, shopping malls, hotels, offices, schools, hospitals, leisure centers and, in general, all the buildings destined to a public use.

This system is especially designed to protect the concrete structure in case of fire by means of a 1,5cm concrete slab attached to the base of the EPS, avoiding fire propagation through the concrete structure and the leak of ignited drops. Another main advantage is its fastening by spacer-brackets, avoiding the displacement of the pods and the frame, keeping mandatory distances and avoiding bottlenecks in the ribs of the concrete structure.

This system meets all the requirements of the Technical Building Code for resistance and protection against fire, without any additional coating as well as for airborne sound insulation.

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